DATRON Live – Cockpit App

  • In the first line of the Cockpit App you see the status notifications (1) of the machine. Press the button to display more notifications.
  • Below you can see graphically the progress, the expired time and the remaining time of the program.(2)
  • Further below you will find the display of the vacuum (3) and the input compressed air (4).




  • As you scroll down you will see the coolant liquid display. (1)
  • It also displays an overview of the tools in the spindle and the tools used in the program. (2) Wipe to the left to display other tools, if any. If you press on a tool, further specifications are displayed.
  • By pressing the tool overview you will get details about the tools used (3)
  • Press the “Pause” button (4) to pause the running program.

Tool Detail View


  • In the tool detail overview you will find all the geometry data for the tool, as well as its wear.

Tool Overview


  • In the tool overview you will find all tools that are stored in your tool magazine as well as in the warehouse.
  • The tools are sorted by tool magazine, stock and tool category.
  • The overview contains the most important information such as: Designation, article number, diameter (depending on tool type), free grinding and total length of the tools.
  • Pressing on a tool opens the detailed view of the tools (see Tool Detail View).