How to use the API on your own

Introductory remarks

  • Once you have installed the DATRON-live App, you have direct access to the – DATRON Machine Data API.
  • This is a REST API based on http protocols.


1. Switch off HTTPS at the Next controller


  • In order to be able to communicate with the API, the SSL certificate should first be switched off in the NEXT control on the machine or remotely.
  • This can be found under Settings –> User settings –> DATRON next Live (App) in the Next control.
  • If you then scroll down the page, you can press the button (marked blue in the image) so that the SSL certificate is not used.


2. Navigate to the API documentation


  • If you have activated the API and a user account in the Next control, you can access the API and its documentation.
  • All requests and commands are listed there in the API documentation.
  • You can access the documentation by writing the extension “/apiviewer” behind the existing IP address (of your machine) in the browser.
  • Example:
  • IMPORTANT: For this step you should always use Http and not Https in the URL.


3. Generate authentication tokens


  • On the documentation page under the USER category you will find a POST command: /Create Token
  • If you click there on “Try Out”, a field opens, in which you can enter your user data.
  • Then click on the Execute button.
  • You will get a token and a version (e.g. v1.0) of the API, which should be included in the http header of all http requests to be able to authenticate to the API