Installation manual

Before you get started:

  • Attention: The file name must be “Datron.NextInstaller” so that your machine automatically recognizes the installation file. If you downloaded your file before 10.10.2019, you may have to change the file name accordingly or download the file again.
  • To get the activation key for the next API, send us an email with your machine number to

1. Download and install next Setup


  • If not already done, download the next Setup file -> next Setup file
  • Save the file on a USB stick and connect it to your machine.
  • Execute the next setup via Settings -> “Utilities/Update DATRON next” and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After the setup has been installed, the machine restarts.


2. Activate DATRON next API


  • If you haven’t already done so, send an email to to get an activation key for the next API, you will need to tell us your machine number.
  • The activation key must be entered under Settings ->”Options/Licence”. (2.1)
  • Under Settings ->”Options/Option management” you can see that the API has been activated. (2.2)


3. Create users for the next API


  • Under Settings -> “Settings/User settings/DATRON next Live (API)” you must now create a new user and assign a password. To do this, enter any user name and a password with at least 6 characters. (3.1)
  • With the button “Add user” (3.2) you create a new user with the entered data.
  • Next, all available rights must be given to the created user. To do this, click on the new user in the list. (3.3) Then press the switch (3.4) for “may read” and “may execute” and the permissions are set.


4. Determine the IP address of the machine


    • To be able to access the machine via browser, you must find out the IP address of the machine under Settings -> “Settings/User settings/Network settings”. (4.1)
    • Please enter these in the browser line of your terminal device, e.g.
  • Attention: The terminal device must be in the same network as the machine.

Important: If the IP address is obtained automatically from the router, it can change when the machine is restarted. Alternatively, you can create a fixed IP address (please only for experienced users), this will not change.


5. Log in to DATRON Live

  • After entering the IP address in a browser (please only use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in the latest version) your device will connect to the DATRON Live App.
  • The first time you connect to the app, you will be informed that the connection is allegedly insecure.

Connect to the machine (Google Chrome):

  • Please click on “Advanced” (5.1)
  • In the following screen click on the link “Proceed to (unsafe)” (5.2)

Connect to the machine (Firefox):

  • Please click on “Advanced” (5.3)
  • In the following screen please click on the button “Accept the Risk and Continue” (5.4)

Now you have accepted the SSL certificate and have a secure connection to your machine.

Attention: The login screen of DATRON Live only appears if the machine is switched on.


6. Enter user data


  • In the login screen, you must enter the user name and password that you created in the DATRON next API.
  • After pressing the login button, you can use the DATRON Live App.
  • If you activate the “Stay logged in” control, (6.1) you can jump directly to the cockpit (6.2) the next time you call up the page. In this case, it is not necessary to re-enter the logon data.