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1) What is DATRON Live?

With the DATRON Live machine apps, users get access to the most important data of their DATRON machine. Basically, they receive organisational operational information such as:

  • The programme currently being executed
  • The time remaining for the current machining process
  • The tools being used by the machine, including wear status in combination with the sister tool management
  • Technical operating data:
    • Compressed air status,
    • Coolant status
  • Emergency stop of the machine
The main advantages for you are:
  • Saving valuable time for unnecessary inspections of the machine
  • Faster response to unforeseen errors
  • Information about the current status of the machine available regardless of its location
    once you are within the same network as your machine(s). Cloud access is not possible.
2) What products are reliably available with DATRON Live at its market launch in July 2020?
  • DATRON Live Cockpit App
  • DATRON Live Camera App
  • DATRON Live App Bundle Basic (Combination of the Cockpit App and the Camera App)
3) Are these regular apps available in the App Store?
  • No, these are not commercially available apps.
  • They are browser-based apps that are hosted on the machine.
  • To open them, you need a web browser to access the machine’s IP address (e.g. Mobile Safari on an iPhone, or Chrome on an Android device).
  • The design is optimised for use on a smartphone, however PC browser access is also possible.
  • The purchase of a DATRON licence key is required to use DATRON Live.
4) Does DATRON Live notify me about machine downtimes?

As a user, you can find out about the operating status of the machine at any time. For this purpose, you have to actively open the DATRON Live Cockpit App.

The current situation in the machining area is displayed via the Camera App.

The DATRON Live Apps currently offered do not issue alerts.

5) What technical requirements do you have to meet as a user?
  • A DATRON machine with the DATRON next control system
  • The purchase of a license key for each DATRON Live App
  • The activation of a license key for each DATRON Live App in the DATRON next control system
  • The connection of the machine to the company network with its respective IP address
  • The use of a mobile device (smartphone or PC) for the browser-based apps

The mobile device and the machine must be logged into the same network. A web browser must be running on the device.

Please note: The (obsolete) Internet Explorer is no longer supported.
Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge are supported on the PC.

6) Can I use the DATRON Live Apps from anywhere (e.g. at home)?

This is only possible, if you are on the same network as the machine. However, you can log into the company network from anywhere via a VPN connection and thereby access the apps. This kind of access must be configured by each customer individually.

7) How many employees can use the Apps or access the machine data at the same time?

There is no limit. However, the Camera App cannot provide more than 9 video streams at the same time.

8) How can those interested purchase the DATRON Live products?

The purchase is made via the DATRON Technical Service (After Sales contact) or Sales Team (Machine Sales contact) in the form of an enquiry.

Directly by email to service@datron.de or using the contact form.

9) Do users receive updates for free or is DATRON Live subscription based?

You will receive updates as part of the regular (free) DATRON next updates.

10) Are there any time restrictions? Does the purchase imply the use for X years?

No, there are no time restrictions. The licences can be used indefinitely.

11) How does the DATRON Live offer differ from that of other providers?
  • Attractive design
  • Extremely simple activation and operation
  • No internet connection is necessary because it is integrated into the company’s intranet
  • No transmission/storage of company-internal data with third parties (computers/servers)
  • Harmless from a data protection point of view
  • Free updates
12) Can DATRON Live be used with all DATRON machines?

Only with machines with the DATRON next control system (all generations).


13) Is there a limit to the number of machines monitored per user?

No. Customers who have several machines must purchase a license for the desired DATRON Live App for each machine.

There is no volume discount.

Each machine has its own IP address. If several machines are to be monitored at the same time, you only have to open the same number of browser tabs.

14) Can DATRON Live also be used with older DATRON machines without DATRON next?

No. Only machines with DATRON next are supported.
Machines with the DATRON HSCpro or the CNC control systems are not supported.

15) What data protection regulations apply for DATRON Live? Does DATRON store customer information on the operating status of customer machines?

No, no customer data are stored. Theoretically, a person in the camera image can be identified by means of their hand or other body characteristics (it depends on what is placed in front of the camera lens). However, as a customer you are responsible for this and must make appropriate company arrangements with your employees.

16) What happens to the data if I no longer want to use DATRON Live? Will DATRON delete my data?

The DATRON Live Apps (DATRON Live Cockpit App and DATRON Live Camera App) do not save any data.

17) Can I export my machine data from DATRON Live? If so, in which format?

No, it is not possible. The apps only allow to see the data available at a given moment.

18) What is the DATRON next REST API interface?

It is a programming and data interface in the DATRON next control system to provide access to the most important operating parameters of the machine through a third-party software application. This interface is interesting for customers who want to display the operating data of the machine on a dashboard or who want to save and evaluate them using an analysis tool.

With the automation variant of the REST API, the machine can also be remotely controlled, i.e. a programme (e.g. a milling programme) can be executed by calling up an interface.

  • Reading of the machine’s operating status using the GET command
  • Easy access via http client
  • Widely used REST standard
  • For example, easy integration of the machine into your production data capture
  • Execution of programmes via post command.
19) Do customers need the DATRON Rest API interface to use DATRON Live?

No. It is only necessary to purchase a licence for the DATRON Live Apps, but not a separate one for the REST interface.

The REST interface will be required by customers who use their own software solution to display production data. This makes sense, for example, for customers with larger systems who do not want to use the manufacturer’s proprietary app for each machine.




20) Can the DATRON Rest API interface be individually adapted to customer requirements at a later time?

The REST API cannot be customised by the customer. It is developed and maintained exclusively by DATRON. However, you can couple this interface with a wide variety of systems for a wide variety of purposes.

There are 2 variants of the DATRON REST API interface:

  • DATRON next REST API Basic (read only)
  • DATRON next REST API Automation (reading of data and calling up commands on the machine for remote operation).
21) Where can I get the latest information about the DATRON Live offer?

On the DATRON Live Website (www.datron-live.de/en).

22) How much does the use of DATRON Live products cost?

In Germany:
DATRON Live Cockpit App: 399 EUR
DATRON Live Camera App: 299 EUR
DATRON Live App Bundle Basic: 649 EUR

These are the prices valid for Germany valid from July 2020. There are other price lists that apply internationally.

23) Can I also integrate products from other manufacturers into my DATRON Live Apps with the DATRON next Rest API?

No. However, the REST AP allows integrating the DATRON next machines into third-party dashboards.

24) Can I use other DATRON offers via DATRON Live, e.g. the DATRON Service Helpdesk?

No, not at this time.

25) Is there any information about DATRON Live available offline?

No. Only online.

26) Is it possible to test DATRON Live products for a limited time before actually purchasing them?

Yes, it is possible and it is also recommended by DATRON.

27) Who do I contact if I have technical problems with the DATRON Live products? Must a DATRON Service Ticket be created?

Yes. Just the same as for any other technical service requests, e.g. also for accessories.

28) Will there be other apps/products of the DATRON Live family available in the future? When/at what rhythm can I, as a customer, expect updates?

The currently existing apps are being further developed in parallel to the machine control DATRON next.

Do you have further questions about the DATRON Live Apps?
Our colleagues from the DATRON Customer Care Team will be happy to help you.